Abolishing Tuition and Increasing Admissions Transparency at Harvard College
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Ralph Nader Declares War on Harvard

The famed gadfly is running for the university's board, demanding transparency in admissions.

The Quiet Campaign

Lowering Law School Tuition

But not across the board

The Great Harvard Debate on Tuition and Admissions

Unz Defends 'Free Harvard, Fair Harvard' in Debate

Harvard Responds to Congressional Endowment Queries

Alumni Escalate Fight Against Outside Overseers Contenders

Contested Harvard Overseer Election Begins

Yard Sale

Colleges with big endowments face calls to scrap tuition payments

Alumni Coalition Opposes Harvard Overseer Slate

The Coming Battle Over College Endowments

University of Southern California Tuition Hike Sparks Student Outrage

Universities Are Becoming Billion-Dollar Hedge Funds with Schools Attached

Students are beginning to urge divestment.

Alumni Group Mounts Opposition to Outsider Overseers Slate

USC's Tuition Will Top $50,000 for the First Time

The Myth of American Meritocracy and Other Essays

In College Endowment Returns, Davids Beat the Goliaths

Too Well Endowed?

Talk of regulating university endowments is deeply troubling

Congress Questions Endowment Spending