Abolishing Tuition and Increasing Admissions Transparency at Harvard College
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Ralph Nader Declares War on Harvard

The famed gadfly is running for the university's board, demanding transparency in admissions.

The Quiet Campaign

On the Fallacy of Free Harvard/Fair Harvard

The Great Harvard Debate on Tuition and Admissions

Unz Defends 'Free Harvard, Fair Harvard' in Debate

Harvard Admits Record-Low 5.2 Percent of Applicants to Class of 2020

Alumni Escalate Fight Against Outside Overseers Contenders

Contested Harvard Overseer Election Begins

Overseers Survey Shows Range of Views on Affirmative Action

Alumni Coalition Opposes Harvard Overseer Slate

Alumni Group Mounts Opposition to Outsider Overseers Slate

The Myth of American Meritocracy and Other Essays

Petition Candidates Qualify for Overseers' Ballot

Fewer Asians Need Apply

How the Ivy League discriminates against top-achieving students

Meritocracy: Harvard PR vs. Factual Reality

Unconventional Overseers Candidates Qualify for Ballot

Faust Condemns Free Tuition Proposal from Outsider Overseers Ticket

Outside Overseers Candidate Arrives in Square, Petitions in Hand

Traveling to Boston, Ron K. Unz ’83 hopes to begin his candidacy for the Board of Overseers

American Millionaire Launches Bid to Scrap Tuition Fees at Harvard

Ron Unz aims to stop Harvard students being charged £31,000 per year in tuition fees

Ron Unz’s Campaign to Make Harvard More Transparent — and Free

We Need Poverty-Based Affirmative Action at America’s Colleges

Overseers Petitioners Challenge Harvard Policies